Play 01 Play 01 Replicazione 4:34
Play 02 Play 02 Autoreferenziale 3:34
Play 03 Play 03 Parlare 2:59
Play 04 Play 04 Piove 3:02
Play 05 Play 05 Nausea 3:59
Play 06 Play 06 Via di Uscita 7:21
Play 07 Play 07 Scatola Nera 4:17

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Arranged over the course of 3 years, “Punto” is Contraddizione’s debut album, and our first release at Music Is Logic Is Geometry. It has been recorded and developed using different DAWs, analog synthesizers and experimental techniques, it consists of 7 tracks that range from slow, ethereal soundscapes that transport the listener to blissful states, to fast, hyperactive and deconstructed IDM compositions inspired from classical music.

The album artwork, a painting by Irene Volpi, particularly represents this property of superposition and contradiction: the viewer can see it as two persons blending into one, or a single person splitting in two, all merged by a central, provocative eye staring deep into the observer’s soul.

Thanks to Irene Volpi for conceding the album artwork, and to Michele Mucci from for the excellent mastering of the record. Copy Copied Failed Close